Britney Spears Sarcasm: Booze and Pregnancy Reports Mocked by Spears

National Ledger – Britney Spears did some stand up comedy over the weekend. And though she didn t pull a Michael Richards or a Don Imus, she whiffed fairly poorly on her attempt at humor. Brit launched into an apparently sarcastic impersonation of a Valley Girl that more – Britney Spears’ Bizarre Video Rant . Troubled pop star Britney Spears has recorded a bizarre video message seemingly supporting her management’s decision to force her into rehab. The Toxic singer, who completed a month-long stint at a California more

KPIX-TV5 – Britney Spears and Andre Agassi – Agassi startled fans with his shaved head back in 1995 after chopping off his long trademark hair. (KABC/AP) Virginia Tech Massacre Deadliest In U.S. History shooting, Virginia Tech campus, Blacksburg, Virginia more – Britney Spears’ former ‘manny’ is now working as a bodyguard for Paris Hilton. Perry Taylor – who last year worked as a security guard for Britney but also carried out nanny duties for her son Sean Preston – accompanied Paris and her pet Chihuahua more

New York Post – BRIT GETS BUZZED Britney Spears may have shaved off her hair in an act of rebellion against her mom, but it hasn t stopped the pop-tart s hard-partying ways. The day after she shaved her head, Britney showed up sans bodyguards to sunbathe at the more – Popstar BRITNEY SPEARS may have been busy partying with pals Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan last year (06), but she still managed to give GBP300,000 ($585,000) to charity, including a huge donation to Hurricane Katrina relief programmes. The singer’s more

National Ledger – Is Britney Spears pregnant again? That’s what she says. In a very strange interview Brit sounds off. After watching – it’s obvious that Britney should not do anymore impromptu interviews. In an attempt at what sounds like some sort of sarcasm Spears more

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