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Entertainment Online – 1. Anna Nicole Smith 2. Britney Spears 3. Lauren “L.C.” Conrad 4. Katie Holmes 5. Angelina Jolie 6. Kristin Cavallari 7. Rose McGowan 8. Lindsay Lohan 9. Paris Hilton 10. Jennifer Lopez 11. Reese Witherspoon 12. Victoria Beckham 13. Jared Leto 14 more

National Ledger – Are Britney and Paris sharing? Did rehab change Britney Spears so much that she has made amends with Paris Hilton and she is willing to share a guy with the dog-toting socialite? After a few of her recent bizarre on camera statements it’s being more

FOX News – Where in the world is Louis J. Pearlman ? The man who gave us ‘N Sync , Justin Timberlake , the Backstreet Boys , O Town and even Britney Spears to some extent has vanished into, if not thin air, then air, in Europe. He’s wanted in Florida for more

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